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Welcome to the MLM Tax Helper Website

Recommended Tax Tips and Resources
to Save You Even MORE Time and Money

I highly recommend spending 45 minutes today going through these articles and special reports we have put together for you as well as bookmarking (saving as a favorite) this webpage. They detail some of the most important and extremely lucrative tax strategies for Network Marketing professionals. This could be the best 45 minutes you spend, resulting in ideas that could save you $1000's year after year in tax savings.

(Each link opens up a new window so you can easily explore each article in this list.)


Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Guide
This site offers an excellent ULTIMATE tax saving manual with a complete listing of tax deductions and legal tax loopholes, many that are seldom used because small business owners just don't know about them. Would you like to turn your child's allowance into a tax deduction? Dozens of other great tips provided with specific examples in this manual.  

Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed
This site offers the best course we have seen for guiding you on choosing a business entity.  If you want to save thousands of dollars, and avoid wasting money on expensive lawyers, get this and choose the correct business entity for you.

Estimated Quarterly Taxes
(You might hate them but you have to pay them)
If you are self-employed and earning a profit you have to make quarterly tax payments. This article takes you by the hand through the details of quarterly tax payments.  (link to TaxMama - this is a good site)

The ultimate tax shelter: owning your own business
How to make sure your business is a business and NOT a hobby in the eyes of the IRS.   (link to MSN Money)

You deserve a tax break on your home office costs
If your home is a place of business, many of your personal expenses can be deducted as business expenses. Here are tips on what qualifies for the home office deduction, and how to avoid an audit.  Plus,  if you plan on selling your home in the next 2 years, then claiming the home office deduction could mean you pay more in taxes... good information to consider for all homeowners.  (link to TaxMama)

Deducting your car expenses
All of the details on deducting your car for business purposes. Don't ignore this deduction... it can be worth $1000's in tax savings.  Also great advice on leasing versus buying from a tax standpoint.  (link to TaxMama)

You can combine business with pleasure, and deduct it, too
All of the details on deducting vacations as business trips. The IRS says you can deduct expenses for taking a business trip or business convention. And there's no reason the trip shouldn't coincide with your vacation.   (link to MSN Money)

IRS standard mileage rates by year
A table that summarizes the optional standard mileage rates for employees, self-employed individuals, or other taxpayers to use in computing the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical, or moving expense purposes.  (link to


Other Resource Sites:

IRS's home page for Small Businesses and Self Employed
If you have a specific question this is the place to turn to. You can find all of the tax laws, forms and explanations. It might take a little work finding what you need, but it is there.  (links to

Essential Small Business Links
Large list of online resources for small business owners.  (links to

Tax and Accounting Site Directory
Another directory of tax help for businesses.  (links to

Yahoo's Tax Resource
This one is not specific to small businesses though.  (links to


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