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Eliminates the Tax Nightmare of Your MLM Business AND Helps You Claim Every Tax Deduction you are Legally Entitled To Resulting in a Potential Windfall of Tax Savings.

Finally, you can stop wasting your valuable time -- no more fumbling for hours, even days, through all of your receipts every year come tax time, and no more not knowing your bottom line business results. Discover how you can take control of your business information once and for all, start getting back every penny you deserve on your taxes and truly make tax time a joy this, and every year!

Dear Infinity Group Member,

As a special bonus for being a member of the Infinity Group, we have arranged for you to receive the excellent MLM Tax Helper software, which normally sells for $49.95, for 30% off!

This valuable piece of software will virtually eliminate your tax nightmare AND  make the frustrating, boring and unproductive chore of record keeping extremely simple, fast and easy to do. 

The MLM Tax Helper software makes it remarkably simple for you to get organized once and for all - no more last minute screaming fits come tax time. Plus it helps you find hidden, legitimate tax deductions you might not know about or forgot to include. 

With more than 150 pages worth of testimonials from other networkers like yourself, the MLM Tax Helper is hands down the superior choice for smart networkers and that is why we arranged for you to get it for $34.95 ($15.00 off the normal price of $49.95).

Please don't make the mistake of putting off your record keeping until April 14th of next year. You deserve a less stressful method than that. Take 10 minutes and be proactive and get organized today.

Click here to get the MLM Tax Helper
(the $15.00 discount will show up on the final order form)


We also included below special messages from both the owner and the creator of the MLM Tax Helper software program. They share with you why this program was created as well as the different ways it makes your record keeping extremely simple and easy to do. Enjoy!

The Infinity Group Leadership Team


From the Desk of Glenn Huels, owner of the MLM Tax Helper...

Can you really eliminate your tax nightmare and make the frustrating, boring and unproductive chore of record keeping extremely simple, fast and easy to do?  By tomorrow you could be sending me an email like the one Shawn sent below:

"Tax time has always been a nightmare for me.  I just don't have the patience for it.  And all I have to do is have everything in order for my accountant!  Well, what can I say.  You're my hero!  It's so easy to use your program and my accountant said that my info was in such perfect order that all she had to do was plug in the numbers!  Thank you."      ~~ Shawn Lane  -  Las Vegas, NV

Or this email that Tax Expert Wayne Davies sent us out of the blue one day:
"I've been doing accounting and tax returns for 15 years. I've used every software program out there -- Quickbooks, Quicken, Money, you name it. And I know what a hassle record-keeping can be for small business owners and self-employed people, especially at tax time."

"Well, the MLM Tax Helper is by far the easiest bookkeeping program I've ever seen! Once you get this, you can kiss your record-keeping frustrations good-bye! I mean, your program gives new meaning to the phrase "user-friendly."

"If you are self-employed or run a small business, this is the program you need. Nothing fancy or confusing. Incredibly easy to learn. You'll save hours with this program, and when you're done, you'll have all the info you need to do your tax return. If you take your "tax stuff" to an accountant, he'll love you for using this program."

"Good-bye shoebox. Hello
MLM Tax Helper."

~~ Wayne M. Davies, author, The Tax Reduction ToolkitYouSaveOnTaxes.com

Keep reading to see how this piece of software can dramatically make your life easier, lower the bill your accountant sends you this year, reduce the amount of taxes you pay and truly make tax time a joy this and every year. 

The MLM Tax Helper software makes it extremely simple for you to get organized once and for all - no more last minute screaming fits. With more than 150 pages of testimonials from other networkers like yourself, the MLM Tax Helper is hands down the superior choice for smart business owners.

Please don't make the mistake of putting off your record keeping until April 14th. You deserve a less stressful method than that. Take 10 minutes today and be proactive.

Glenn Huels

From Kevin Wilke, creater of the MLM Tax Helper...

Does the mere thought of tax time
send you into a panic attack?

It used to for me as well.  Tax time meant a nightmare of headaches, wasted time and huge accountant bills. All because I was so unorganized and unprepared that it took what amounted to more than a weeks worth of "business building time" to organize all of my income and expense records and get them to my accountant.

Just imagine taking a weeks "vacation" from your business just so you can put together your tax information!!

And to top it off, everything was in such a mess when I did get my records to my accountant that it would cost extra to have him prepare my tax return and tell me how much I actually made for the year. (Which was always much different than my "guess-timated" net income. That was always a shocker - and usually not a good one!!)

But did you notice I said tax time
used to send me into panic attacks?

After last year's "near death" tax experience, I decided it was time to be proactive when it came to the finances of my MLM business. I did what you might already have done... purchased one of those cool personal finance software programs like Quicken or Microsoft Money. I was saved (or so I thought).

After a week of trying to figure out how to use it (actually I couldn't even get it set up, much less actually start using it), I decided there had to be a better, simpler, easier way to do this. There had to be a tax and record keeping product developed specifically for Network Marketing home businesses, right?

After becoming so frustrated that I almost threw the computer out the window (no joke), I decided to have somebody create a software product for me. I knew exactly what was needed for a networking business... what kind of specific expense and income categories that I required and also how very simple and easy to use it had to be (you might be a computer genius, but I'm not).

I was tired of trying to use software programs designed by some computer geek who doesn't have a clue what the needs of my network marketing business are. What's the chance of Bill Gates knowing what a "Fifth Generation Override Bonus" is???

That's when I created the MLM Tax Helper software. After the first month of using it I was in love. I never realized how EASY keeping track of the finances of my business could beClick here for a free demo.

The MLM Tax Helper did everything
I ever wanted it to do, including...

  • An easy to understand and use program that makes entering your income and expenses so simple that your 12 year old daughter can keep your "books" (and reduce your tax expense at the same time!!)
  • Is already set up for a home business and painlessly guides you through the steps to claim every one of the lucrative home business tax deductions that you are legally entitled to and can add $1000's in tax savings to your business. Not claiming just one of these deductions could mean overpaying Uncle Sam $100's if not $1000 or more in taxes. Just imagine, you could be overpaying Uncle Sam $4637 in taxes this year and not even know it.
  • Instantly shows you exactly how much you have earned in net income for every month, every quarter and for the entire year.  No more guessing on how your business is truly performing.
  • Automatically creates an income statement for your business for every month, every quarter and the end of the year so all you have to do is hit the Print button and send it to your accountant. This one feature alone will reduce your aspirin consumption in half this year!!
  • Provides you a total of every kind of income and expense you have for the year. Now you can quickly look and see where you are earning your money and more importantly where you are spending (or overspending) it. (Careful, this can be a shocker!!) 

  • Easily track your Retail income. The MLM Tax Helper has a simple, easy to use Retail section that tracks your retails sales for each customer. Within seconds you can see how much each of your retail customers has bought from you each month. Doesn't that sound like a great deal?

Order today with a risk-free, 90-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

That's the mistake I almost made myself. But a few months ago I began to think if it worked so well for a "tax-a-phobic" and computer illiterate like myself, I knew there had to be a few other people out there who would really benefit from the MLM Tax Helper.

The next day I sent an email to a business friend of mine...

Hi Mark,

After almost throwing my computer out the window this year trying to get all of my tax info together, I decided to have a software program created to make keeping track of my finances much, much simpler. It's designed specifically for MLM home businesses like ours. I have been using this record keeping software for awhile now and it has been working unbelievably well for me.  Can you check it out and tell me what you think?


Here was the real test. It worked unbelievably well for me. But if it worked just as good for other networkers then I knew I had something I had to tell you about.

Here is what Mark had to say when he emailed me back after trying it out.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for letting me know about that tax software. I downloaded it last week and tried it out. I love it!!  I know it will definitely make it easier for me to do my taxes this year. You know me... always procrastinating and unorganized. Well, I really think this will help me get organized and my business's finances up to date. Thanks for sharing it, is it OK if I let my downline know about it too?

- Mark


After having 37 people test out the MLM Tax Helper, they all felt the same, it literally eliminated the tax nightmare they normally have this time of the year! It quickly became the record keeping and tax program of choice with everybody I shared it with.

Here we are several months later. After receiving more than 150 pages of glowing testimonials and more than 16,000 users in that short period of time from other networkers and home-based business owners just like yourself, this has become the record keeping program of choice for smart networkers. Let me share one of those many emails I received, this one from Jay.

You can even view a complete 4 minute tour of the software so you can see first hand how easy to use and extremely helpful it will be for your record keeping this and every year.

"I can't thank you enough for the Tax Helper. I had many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to purchase a program I could use for my MLM business.

Two days before I was to see my accountant and announce that I didn't have a clue as to how to figure out where I was or what I did, you appeared out of nowhere and saved me.

I worked on the program for two days, entering all of my information. It was easy, understandable, and really impressed my accountant. He said, 'Wow! You really did a lot of work on this!' It saved me....You saved me"

And a week later I received this email from Jay...

"Just thought I'd let you know the outcome of my trip to my accountant.  I was sure I'd owe the government most of what I earned in my MLM company.  What a surprise to find out I'd be getting so much refunded to me.  I'm sure that without your tax tips and software to work with, it would not have turned out as well."

Download Today


Download the MLM Tax Helper for only $34.95 so you too can experience a stress free tax year as well.  

And don't worry, even though I could sell it to you for hundreds of dollars and it would still be a bargain for you, I would much rather let you have it at a price where you quickly make a profit from it. All you need to do to order is [Click HERE] and use our secure order form, and you can have the software for only $34.95 (normally $49.95) (the $15.00 discount will show up on the final order form)

I want you to SAVE money this year on your taxes, not pay MORE. It is always better to GIVE rather than take - that is why I insisted on selling it for such an unbelievably low price. 

I don't want to stop there though. You will also receive two of my most used possessions, for FREE.

Special Report - "The 5 Hidden Tax Dangers..." Not knowing these 5 hidden pitfalls - that unfortunately most people fall into - come tax time could cause you to overpay $1000's to the government and potentially result in costly audits. More than likely you are doing several, if not all five of these things (I know I was before I read this report). Considering how valuable this information is and the potential tax savings (and avoiding costly audits) it will give you, this report should be worth $1000's, but is yours for FREE with the MLM Tax Helper.

Mileage Log - One of the most lucrative tax deductions is your car. Did you know you can deduct 44.5 cents for every business related mile you drive in 2006? To do that you HAVE to properly document it. Without proper documentation you could be charged HUGE fines. That's why I want to give you the exact same Mileage Log I use, so you can carry it in your car to document your mileage and avoid those stiff penalties from the IRS and make sure you maximize this lucrative deduction. Other companies sell this by itself for $20, it will pay for the MLM Tax Helper within weeks.


I want to make this a completely No-Risk opportunity for you...

We have made some rather large claims about how extremely simple, easy to use and helpful the MLM Tax Helper is for you. They are all true and we have been blessed with many, many testimonials, some that we have shared with you at this website, from people who have used the MLM Tax Helper software. I know this is  exactly what you want to finally make tax time extremely easy and worry free. But I don't want doubt to hold you back. That is why I insist in offering the MLM Tax Helper software to you with my 90 DAY Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, that is right, download the software, use it and if it does not live up to your high standards anytime between now to 90 days from now then let me know and I will give you a full refund. Plus, you can keep the bonus 5 Hidden Tax Dangers Special Report and the Mileage Log for free. 

I know the MLM Tax Helper is exactly what you want. And your Infinity Group Leadership Team has setup a special arrangement so that you can get it right now for only $34.95, and it comes with our rock-solid 90 DAY Money Back Guarantee(the $15.00 discount for the software will show up on the final order form).


[Click Here] to go to our Secure Server and order the MLM Tax Helper for only $34.95!!


Warm Regards,

Glenn Huels

What do you have to lose...
Or more importantly, what do you have to gain?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your current record keeping situation then you deserve and need the MLM Tax Helper to make your life much, much simpler. And with my 90 DAY Money Back Guarantee you have the perfect opportunity to experience and use the MLM Tax Helper with absolutely no risk.

This could be the smartest investment you make to save you the most important thing in your life - your time. [Click Here] to order the MLM Tax Helper today and see how simple, easy and helpful it is to use.

If you decided not to order the MLM Tax Helper software, then please [Click HERE].





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